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June 1-3, 2020

NEW title on breeding techniques for cereal crops

A new book on cereal crop breeding techniques has been published by award winning Cambridge-based publisher, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited.

Advances in breeding techniques for cereal crops provides a comprehensive review of breeding techniques for cereals such as wheat, barley maize and rye.

  • Part 1 discusses ways of better exploiting genetic diversity. 
  • Parts 2 & 3 summarise developments in the use of doubled haploids and hybrid breeding methods. Parts 4 & 5 review advances in high throughput phenotyping and its use in identifying markers for breeding.
  • Professor Peter Langridge, University of Adelaide, Australia; Chair of the Scientific Board of the Wheat Initiative says, “This book provides an excellent resource since it brings together leading experts in both the development and application of new technologies. It provides the reader with an authoritative explanation of the technologies and a critical assessment of their implementation in cereal improvement.”

For a full table of contents, visit:

This collection is edited by Professor Frank Ordon and Wolfgang Friedt.

Professor Ordon is President of the Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI), the Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants in Germany. He is Honorary Professor for Molecular Resistance Breeding at the Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Editor-in-Chief of Plant Breeding, a member of the editorial board of several other journals and Chair of the Wheat Initiative Research Committee.

Wolfgang Friedt is Professor Emeritus of Plant Breeding at the Justus Liebig-University of Giessen (Germany), where he has taught crop science, plant genetics and breeding. Professor Friedt serves on the editorial board of two scientific journals. He is also chair or member of scientific boards for various professional organisations, including the Science Board of the Wheat Initiative.

Copies of Advances in breeding techniques for cereal crops can be purchased from Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited in print and digital formats costing: £190/$245/€230 via www.bdspublishing.comDOI:

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