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Department of Genetics and Breeding of Root Crops

Maria Gośka, D.Sc., Assoc. Prof. PBAI-NRI
phone: (+48 52) 581 69 37
e-mail: m.goska@ihar.bydgoszcz.pl

Laboratory of Cytogenetics and Breeding Methods (go up)

Maria Gośka, D.Sc., Assoc. Prof. PBAI-NRI
phone: (+48 52) 581 69 37
e-mail: m.goska@ihar.bydgoszcz.pl


  • inductionof somaticembryogenesisand plant regenerationinvitrocultureof sugar beet,
  • development of haploid and doubledhaploid lines frommultigermtetraploid sugar beetpopulations,
Stages of induced gynogenesis in the sugar beet in vitro cultures
Doubled haploid lines of sugar beet in the first and the second vegetative season
  • biologicaland molecularcharacteristicof sugar beet haploids, double haploidsand parentalcomponents,

Molecular characteristicof genetic diversity within selected sugar beet haploids, doubled haploids and parental components

Morphological diversity among sugar beet
doubledhaploid lines

  • identification of sugar beet genotypes with desired morphological traits roots in multigerm diploids breeding materials,
  • looking for and evaluation of sugar beet drought stress tolerant genotypes in multigerm diploid breeding materials,

Experimental field

Breeding sisterly tries

  • evaluation and selection of genotypes suscetible to Cercospora beticola Saac. among breeding materials of sugar beet,

Spots on leaves caused by C.beticola, in vitro test

  • micropropagationof the Miscanthus perennial energeticgrasses,
  • molecular and cytogenetic identificationof the Miscanthus ecotypes, varietiesand species,

The Miscanthus energetic grasses during in vitro cultures

The field collection of the Miscanthus energetic grasses

  • collecting and evaluation of cultivated forms and wild species of the genus Beta:

- gene bank field collecting of perennial wild beet species ofCorollinae section;
- storage of the genus Beta genetic resources in vitro;
- collecting and evaluation of morphological and agronomic traits of cultivated forms of beet accessions (sugar beet, fodder beet).

Field collection of perennial wild beet species
of Corollinae section

Beta maritima from in vitro collection


Laboratory of Biotechnology (go up)

Anna Litwiniec, Ph.D.
e-mail: a.litwiniec@ihar.bydgoszcz.pl
phone: (+48 52) 581 69 29

Current research/tasks:

  • evaluation of diversity and genetic distance in selected groups of accessions,
  • verification of the efficiency of arbitrary and tandemly repeated systems of molecular markers for the identification of materials under study,
  • detection of the presence and expression of selected genes, diagnostics of selected diseases and molecular characterization of pathogens,
  • development of phenotypic and genotypic methods of beet evaluation, based on PCR and real-time PCR tools,
  • identification of sources of genetic diversity and resistance to selected pathogens among cultivated and wild accessions belonging to Beta and Patellifolia,
  • evaluation of bioactivity of plant-derived compounds at the cellular level.

Identification of different Beta
and Patellifolia accessions as a result of PCR.
Optimization of the chemistry

Immunolocalization of selected epitopes in the cells exposed to plant derivatives


Verification of the efficiency of PCR on B. maritima DNA templates obtained using isolation kits from different suppliers

Detection of the presence and semi-quantitative evaluation of selected products by RT-PCR (BNYVV in different materials of beet)
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