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Department of Potato Agronomy

WojciechNowacki, Ph.D., Head of  Division
05-140 Serock
tel.(+48 22) 782 66 20, 782 72 20, 782 72 65
e-mail: jadwisin@ihar.edu.pl

The main task of the Department is development the scientific basis for the improvement of various systems and technologies of potato cultivation. The specific aims of the Department are:

  • agronomic  and usable characteristics of  potato varieties;
  • research on  environmental (soil-climatic) conditions of  potato production;
  • biological basis of  potato plant productivity;  
  • responseof potato plants to environmental stresses;
  • researchon the improvement of different potato production systems;
  • improvement the methodsand techniques of: planting, fertilization, plant protection, irrigation  and harvest of potatoes;
  • evaluation the quality ofthe potato crop and the  prevention methods of  tuber defects;
  • agronomicresearch on controland preventing the spread of potato ring rot;
  • monitoringthe yield and quality of potato crops in Poland;
  • economics ofpotato production;
  • evaluation of the multi-use opportunities of potato crops.

Laboratory of Potato Physiology  (go up)



Science workers: 
  Krystyna Zarzyńska, Ph.D.

Research activities:

  • studiesof potato tolerance to abiotic stresses in the context of climate change
  • studiesof the potato root system development under different environmental conditions
  • assessment of themother tuber vigor of new potato cultivars
  • potato minituber production in the aeroponic system
  • estimation  the tuber dormancy of new cultivars
  • formation of canopy architecture for the different kind of potato production
  • evaluation of the potato cultivars  for organic production
  • productivity of potato plant in different production systems

Hall vegetation


Laboratory for Agrotechnology and Mechanization  (go up)

Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D.
tel. (+48 22) 782 66 20 782 72 20 782 72 65
e-mail: w.nowacki@ihar.edu.pl


Science workers:
Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D., Piotr Barbas, MSc eng, Joanna Jankowska, MSc, eng, Milena Pietraszko MSc

Research activities:

  • assessment of the agrotechnical value of potato cultivars;
  • the natural conditions for the development and yield of potato plants;
  • researchon the improvement of potato cultivation systems: organic, integrated and specialized;
  • technology sprouting potato seed material;
  • improving methods of care for potato plantations using mechanical treatments and herbicides;
  • improvement of agronomic methods for prevention of potato plantation protection against diseases and pests;
  • agronomic methods to prevent the spread of potato ring rot;
  • methodology of quality potato yield;
  • methods to preventthe formation of defects in potato tubers caused abiotic and biotic stresses;
  • technology and economics of potato production;
  • opportunities of multi-use harvesting potatoes;
  • a nationwide monitoring the level of yield and applied technologies of potato production.
  • storage characteristics of cultivars;
  • modern methods and equipment in storage technology;
  • concepts of ventilation systems;
  • mechanization of reloading and handling.


Field experiments Complex of microplots


Laboratory for Fertilization and Quality Assessment  (go up)

Cezary Trawczyński, Ph.D.
tel. (+48 22)782 66 20, 782 72 20, 782 72 65, ext. 130
e-mail: c.trawczynski@ihar.edu.pl


Science workers:
Cezary Trawczyński, Ph.D., Anna Wierzbicka MSc, Dominika Boguszewska-Mańkowska Ph.D.

Research activities:

  • technology application and use of nutrients and water by plants grown in different production systems;
  • agricultural suitability of different organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • determining fertilizer requirements for new varieties of potatoes;
  • agrophysiological background of potato crop nutrition;
  • water requirements and the response of potato varieties to drought stress;
  • biochemical determinants of resistance of potato varieties to drought stress;
  • chemical composition of potato tubers and their quality;
  • accumulation of plant biomass on 3 levels potato production: potential, limited nutrients and water and current;
  • content of nutrition and anti-nutrients in potato tubers.
  • cultivars suitability for food processing and for direct consumption;
  • laboratory evaluation of tubers quality;


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