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Department of Promotion and International Cooperation

Karolina Mitura-Nowak, Ph. D.

phone: +44 22 733 46 11

e-mail: k.mitura@ihar.edu.pl

Section of Training and Promotion

Marzenna Czembor

tel. 22 733 46 09
e-mail: m.czembor@ihar.edu,pl


  • promotion of the Institute’s R&D activity and research results by organizing of seminars, conference, symposia, etc.,
  • organization of scientific seminars for agricultural sector staff,
  • cooperation with Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU), The National Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service, and individual farm workers,
  • editing and publishing of business offers, implementation instructions, brochures, flyers, etc.,
  • organization of meetings with representatives of industries, agricultural sector workers and other recipient of the Institute’s R&D results,
  • organization of seminars and conferences to promote the results of research works conducted by Institute,
  • stockpiling, enrollment and analysis of data concerning the introduction of the results of research and breeding works on the commercial market,
  • planning and organization of professional training for breeders and agricultural advisories,
  • analysis and preparation of request for lab equipment.

Section of International Cooperation

Karolina Mitura-Nowak, Ph.D.

tel.: 22 733 46 11
fax.: 22 733 46 10
e-mail: k.mitura@ihar.edu.pl


  • preparation of contract/agreement projects concerning bilateral cooperation with foreign institutions,
  • planning, reports preparing and oversight on realization of scientific and commercial co-operation according concluded international contracts/agreements and research programs,
  • realization of seeds exchange, license charges, membership fees of scientific international organization, financial settlements of accounts and working exchanges with other countries concerning scientific co-operation,
  • application for financial support of scientific international cooperation resulting from international agreements,
  • preparing financial reports of international cooperation,
  • gathering information concerning scientific programs of European Union, coordination and technical assistance during application for EU funding,
  • assistance to Institute’s units with organization and preparation of symposia, scientific conferences and working councils/meetings.
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