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POTPAT - About the project


The aim of the project is to gain knowledge on interactions between host, pathogen 
and environment in order to reduce the cost of protection against late blight and minimize losses caused by Pectobacterium spp., Dickeya spp. and Phytophthora infestans.
The specific objectives are:
  • Characterization of present population of P. infestans, Pectobacterium spp., Dickeya spp. in  Norway and Poland
  • Evaluation of resistance of different potato genotypes to selected isolates of pathogen
  • Identification of inoculum source and sensitivity to diseases in regard to the weather
  • Development of methods for identification and detection of bacteria in seed potato
  • Development of system predicting Phytophthora infestans appearance infection based on weather


Foto: Ragnhild Nærstad 

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