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Jadwisin Research Center

Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D., Head of  Division
05-140 Serock
tel.(+48 22) 782 66 20, 782 72 20, 782 72 65
e-mail: jadwisin@ihar.edu.pl

The main building ofthe Research Division IHAR-NRI in Jadwisin.

Department of Potato Agronomy (more...)

Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D.
tel. (+48 22) 782 66 20 782 72 20 782 72 65
e-mail: w.nowacki@ihar.edu.pl

Laboratory of Potato Physiology


Laboratory for Agrotechnology and Mechanization

Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D.
tel. (+48 22) 782 66 20 782 72 20 782 72 65
e-mail: w.nowacki@ihar.edu.pl


Laboratory for Fertilization and Quality Assessment

Cezary Trawczyński, Ph.D.
tel. (+48 22)782 66 20, 782 72 20, 782 72 65, ext. 130
e-mail: c.trawczynski@ihar.edu.pl

The Division offers :

  • Realization the research and implementation projects;
  • Conducting the field and storage experiments;
  • Post-registration variety evaluations;
  • Registration research of pesticides
  • Developing  of expert opinions, standards and instructions;
  • Organization the conferences, seminars and demonstrations;
  • Conducting the lectures, training, consultations and advices;
  • Laboratory and field analysis
  • Development of scientific and popular publications, training materials (handbooks, brochures, videos, etc..)

Scientists working currently at Research Division Jadwisin and their specializations:

  • Wojciech Nowacki, Ph.D., - Head of Divisionand the Department of Agronomy Potato - systems and technologies of potato production, production economics, macro-problems of potato sector;
  • Cezary Trawczyński, Ph.D. - Head of the Laboratoryfor Fertilizationand Quality Assessment - technology fertilization of potatoes;
  • Krystyna Zarzyńska, Ph.D. - agronomy, plant physiology, organic production;
  • Anna Wierzbicka, M.Sc. - monitoring ofyield potential potato and climate parameters;
  • Dominika Boguszewska-Mańkowska, Ph.D. - the water needs and response to drought stress of potato plants;
  • Piotr Barbas, M.Sc. - care methods potato plantations, herbologia;
  • Joanna Jankowska, M.Sc. - features of the development of plants and tubers, skin diseases;
  • Milena Pietraszko, M.Sc. - disease of the growing season potato tuber morphology and disadvantages of potato flesh.


Jadwisin Research Division has special research facilities: experimental field of 8 ha with 4-year rotation, ecological statistic experiment, static field experiments, complex of 432 microplots with 6 different soil types typical for Poland (object for researches connected with bacterial ring rot of potato),green house, experimental store building, weather station, and other research equipment. Achievements of Jadwisin Research Division: number of awards of Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Education, 28 doctoral dissertations, 6 thesis qualifying for assistant-professorship, over 3500 publications. The Scientific team cooperates with farmers and various institutions of potato sector.

Jadwisin is also headquarters of Polish Potato Association.

Jadwisin Research Division invites to cooperation all research institutions, advisory services and other partners from potato sector.


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