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Plant Breeding and Seed Science

Annual Review Report 2013 - Plant Breeding and Seed Science

Biblioteka Naukowa IHAR


Redakcja "Plant Breeding and Seed Science"

Półrocznik - ISSN 1429-3862

Redaktor naczelny: prof. dr hab. Edward Arseniuk
tel. (0 22) 725 30 95

Sekretarz Redakcji: mgr Marek Czuba
tel. (0 22) 733 45 95

Artykuły naukowe są publikowane w języku angielskim.

Reviewing procedure:

After receiving manuscripts are estimated if they fit to the scope of journal and are sent to the member of the Editorial Board who will be responsible for such a paper. He indicates two Reviewers. There is used double blind review procedure. Reviewers receive a special form of review and are asked to put their comments in a Review Mode of  MS Word as they receive the paper in the digital form.
After receiving of reviews they are re-sent to the Authors who are asked to correct their manuscript and answer the Reviewers comments. Then they send the corrected version.
Both versions, reviews and answers of Authors are shown the member of the Editorial Board who is responsible for the article and he makes a decision about publishing.


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