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Post Harvest EAPR Section Meeting 22-24 October 2013, Warsaw, Poland

Welcome - Post Harvest EAPR Section Meeting

takes place 22-24 October 2013, Warsaw, Poland



On behalf of the Post-Harvest Section of European Association for Potato Research (EAPR) and Plant Breeding & Acclimatization Institute ( IHAR) - National Research Institute (Poland) we kindly invite you to take part in our Section Conference  in Warsaw. 

The aim of the Conference is to present the latest scientific results, especially in the field of  potato handling, processing and storage.

We look forward to meeting you in Warsaw.

Conference topics:

  • storage techniques and technology
  • sprout control
  • storage  energy management
  • handling potatoes
  • bruise susceptibility
  • factors affecting  processing quality of  potatoes 
  • biotic and abiotic stresses related to tuber quality
  • storage  disease management
  • food safety
  • breeding for processing


The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute (IHAR) - National Research Institute Research Division in Jadwisin 


Our activities : agricultural characteristics of cultivars, biological base of potato plant productivity, potato cultivation systems, mechanization, evaluation of crop quality, storage characteristics of cultivars, cultivars suitability for food processing and for consumption, modern methods and equipment in storage technology, concepts of ventilation systems etc.

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