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International Conference on Triticale Biology, Breeding and Production

July 2-5, 2017

Research focus. The Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute - National Research Institute (IHAR-PIB) is the largest Research Center in Poland in the multi-disciplinary area of plant improvement, biotechnology, germplasm conservation and enhancement. Established in 1951, the Institute is recognized as a leading research center for crop improvement and food security not only in Central Europe, but also at the international scale. Research achievements of IHAR-PIB reflected in released cultivars and frequently cited publications in highly respected for scientific merit in highly respected journals resulted in wide contacts with international community of researchers and plant breeders. The Institute has built up units that work on GMO testing, biosafety and basic research with the use of GMOs.IHAR-PIB continues to develop an extensive collaboration in the field of plant breeding, seed science and certified seed production technologies to be a competitive agricultural research center, not only in Europe but also worldwide.


About Radzikow:

Radzikow is situated in the central part of Poland’s lowland. IHAR-PIB is a Research Center located between trees and fields. Among attractions, a few kilometers distant from IHAR-PIB headquarters at Radzikow, is a primeval forest “Puszcza Kampinowska” and Fryderyk Chopin Museum at ŻelazowaWola.

Climate and weather: Month of July is generally pleasant. Plenty of bright, sunny days are present. Average air temperature ranges between 25-30oC. Windy weather and rains happen occasionally.

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