Abstract submission deadline: 10th May 2022


Abstract submissions are required along with registration. Notifications regarding the acceptance of the abstracts will be sent. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations should be maximum of 300 words (A4 size, 12 Times New Roman font). Please, attach your files in PDF format in the registration form. Please indicate the session (listed below) of interest.

Oral presentations

Oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes, including 3-5 minutes for discussion. The Scientific Committee may invite a speaker to extend the length of a presentation, authors will be contacted in advance. The customary audiovisual: notebook and multimedia projector will be available. If other facilities would be required, please notify local organizers in advance, so perhaps we will be able to assist you with our help. For the online presentation, an individual link will be generated for each participant.

Poster presentations
Posters should be a maximum of one page and in PDF format with 1080x1920 megapixel resolution. Posters will be presented ONLY in an electronic version.
Posters should be sent to the address: by June 10, 2022.


Conference sessions:

1. Challenges and prospects - genetic resources and biodiversity.
2. Improving acclimation to abiotic stress.
3. Improving resistance to biotic stress.
4. Increasing quantity of biomass and grain yield.
5. From lab to field - breeding and biotechnology.
6. Crop management - agronomy, plant protection, marketing policy, socio-economic issues.
7. Farm to fork - nutritional value, food and feed products, industrial uses.


We invite you to publish your scientific article free of charge in the scientific journal Plant Breeding and Seed Science from the topics presented at the conference.

  • free of charge,

  • double blind peer review,

  • special post-conference issue.

Applications should be sent until 1st July to the journal website: