Bydgoszcz Research Center

Department of Integrated Root Crop Cultivation

Head of the Department: Grzegorz Gryń, PhD eng.>
Phone: (+48) 52 581 69 32

  1. Researches on new varieties of double-improved white mustard and long-rooted oilseed radish as a fertilizing and sanitary factor in the integrated cultivation of sugar beet, potatoes and other types of plants as agricultural suitability research; other biological and agrotechnical methods of inhibiting the development of nematodes in the soil.
  2. Evaluation of nematode-tolerant sugar beet cultivars beetroot nematodes (Heterodera schachtii) population development effect, level and quality of the beet crop effect in nematode and nematode free field; plots and production fields researches.
  3. Assessment of changes in the occurrence, pathogenicity and possibilities microorganisms control causing root rot and scaling of sugar beet seedlings in the areas of intensive sugar beet and maize cultivation and in changing weather conditions.
  4. Analysis of occurrence and population size of H. schachtii (intercrops nematode control) and beetroot seedlings and roots pathogens for farmers and commercial usage.
  5. Agrochemical analysis of soil and plant material, analysis of sugar and molasses content in beet roots and testing of beet seed material germination for farmers and institutions outside PBAI-NRI
  6. testing the effectiveness of new fertilizers, application techniques and plant protection products in the cultivation of root crops with integrated and ecological methods.
  7. Research on the biology and control of quarantine diseases: potato ring rot caused by Clavibacter sepedonicus and brown rot caused by Ralstonia solanacearum, the Department has permit to carry out researches with the above-mentioned organisms in the field of laboratories and plots.
  8. Testing the effectiveness of disinfectants and other non-chemical methods of eradication of potato quarantine pathogens.
  9. Research on agrotechnical methods to reduce potato nematode (Globodera rostochiensis) population in the soil on experimental plots with a high field nematode population and all official permit.
  10. Research on the potato cultivars susceptibility to potato root nematode (Ditylenchus destructor).
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Mirosław Nowakowski 52 5816911
Grzegorz Gryń 52 5816932
Katarzyna Franke 52 5816932
Marcin Żurek 52 5816934
Lidia Michałowska 52 5816930
Robert Nelke 52 5816920
Magdalena Maćkowiak 52 5816919
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