Bydgoszcz Division

Department of Root Crop Breeding Fundamentals

Head of the Department: Sandra Cichorz, PhD
Phone: (+48) 52 581 69 37

  1. Research on in vitro regeneration of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) (haploidization, diploidization).
  2. Cytological, immunocytochemical and molecular characterization of genotypes with diverse in vitro regeneration potential.
  3. Biological and molecular characteristic of sugar beet haploids, double haploids and parental components.
  4. Molecular characterization of plant genetic resources and variety identification.
  5. The ex situ conservation of beet genetic resources: sugar beet, fodder beet and wild beet accessions:
    • collection and preservation of valuable genotypes from the genus Beta;
    • genetic, botanical and agricultural evaluation of sugar and fodder beet from gene bank genetic resources;
    • maintaining the field collection of perennial wild species of Beta section Corollinae;
    • reproduction, regeneration and long-term conservation of beet genetic resources by in vitro cultures and seed bank storage;
    • exchanging genetic resources of characterized cultivated beets and wild beet accessions.
  6. Identification of sources of genetic diversity and resistance to selected pathogens among cultivated and wild accessions belonging to the genus Beta and Patellifolia.
  7. Improvement of phenotypic and genotypic methods in evaluation of  breeding objects, selected diseases and beet pathogens.
  8. Molecular and cytogenetic identification of the Miscanthus ecotypes, varieties and species.

The Department of Root Crops Breeding Fundamentals participates in the implementation of the National Crop Plant Genetic Resources Protection Program.


The Department of Root Crops Breeding Fundamentals offers research and diagnostic services at the IHAR-PIB Laboratory of Research Services.

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Name Surname e-mail Internal phone number
Sandra Cichorz 52 581 69 37
Kamilla Kużdowicz 52 581 69 39
Małgorzata Malicka 52 581 69 61