Department of Bioenergetics, Quality Analysis and Seed Science

Head of the Department: professor Grzegorz Żurek, PhD, DSc
Deputy of the Head of Department: associate professor Barbara Wiewióra, PhD, DSc
Phone: (+48) 22 733 45 71

  1. Testing the variability of utility traits, improving the methods of breeding and seed production of grasses, and establishment of the initial materials for the breeding of new grass varieties.
  2. Research on the selection of plants for the development of areas of poor agricultural value and determination of the possibility of introducing new varieties of perennial and annual plants for cultivation in Poland.
  3. Assessment of the yield potential, utility quality and development of the basics of agrotechnology for selected species of energy plants for their multi-purpose use in agriculture and industry (e.g. raw materials for renewable energy, pulp and construction industry, etc.).
  4. Assessment of the technological value of the biomass of lignocellulosic plants.
  5. Research on the combination of high grass species quality features with resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  6. Monitoring of the domestic seed market and assessment of the effectiveness of plant breeding and seed production, economic analysis of the profitability of crops in agricultural practice, preparation of analyzes and reports on the breeding and seed sector.
  7. Seeds science of crops and weeds, morphological identification of seeds.
  8. Participation in the work of the Polish Gene Bank storage facility in the field of germination capacity assessment in accordance with the ISTA methodology.
  9. Translation and publication of the Polish version of ISTA regulations and participation in international ISTA comparative analyzes, training for seed analysts.
  10. Service activity regarding the assessment of various parameters of the sowing value: purity, identification of reserved weed seeds, germination capacity, humidity.
  11. Identification of seed-borne pathogens, mainly cereals and grasses, studies related to the occurrence of endophytic fungi of the genus Epichloë in grass seeds and plants.
  12. Comprehensive assessment of the chemical composition and physicochemical parameters in cereals, cruciferous and legume plants and other material of plant origin.
  13. Determination of the factors critical in case of the nutritional, pro-health and fodder value of agricultural crops and determining the content of endogenous anti-nutritional substances in the material intended for the production of fodder.
  14. Assessment of the nutritional value of protein with the use of laboratory animals (rats) and the improvement of methods for the analysis of bioactive substances in plant material of various origins, evaluation of selected parameters of the technological value of wheat, triticale and barley grains.
  15. Annual report on the marketing of seeds, correspondence with COBORU, participation in the works of the Polish Committee for Standardization (Committees No. 36 and 144) as well as expert and service activities in the above-mentioned scope.
Name Surname e-mail Phone number
Grzegorz Żurek (+48) 22 733 45 71
Barbara Wiewióra (+48) 22 733 45 84
Anna Fraś (+48) 22 733 45 51
Danuta Martyniak (+48) 22 733 45 72
Elżbieta Małuszyńska (+48) 22 733 45 89
Tadeusz Oleksiak (+48) 22 733 45 80
Magdalena Wiśniewska (+48) 22 733 45 08
Kinga Gołębiewska (+48) 22 733 46 83
Dagmara Pacoń (+48) 22 733 46 85
Iga Grzeszczak (+48) 22 733 45 79
Krystyna Borucka (+48) 22 733 45 92
Marlena Gzowska (+48) 22 733 45 08
Anna Wawer (+48) 22 733 45 93
Jolanta Gryboś (+48) 22 733 45 83
Agnieszka Dmoch (+48) 22 733 46 82
Bożena Broda (+48) 22 733 45 90
Piotr Krawczyk   (+48) 22 733 45 70
Halina Grzybowska   (+48) 22 733 45 94



Action M16 “Cooperation” of the Rural Development Program for 2014–2020 (The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development – EAFRD: “Europe investing in rural areas”, national public funds).

  1. Operation Group ’ Nova Trawa’
  2. Operation Group ‘Słomka ze Słomy’

Tergeted Subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • 3.5. Selection of cultivated plant forms with increased resistance to periodic water shortages.
  • 3.10. Monitoring of the agricultural plant seed market in Poland.
  • 3.12. Disseminating of knowledge about the current, valid methods of seed evaluation.
  • 4.1: Identification and development of new national unit indicators and sustainable production methods for the purposes of environmental protection and combating climate change in agriculture
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